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Lake Robe

Lake Robe

Lake Robe is a stunning saline lake that is located within the Lake Robe Game Reserve, about six kilometres from the town of Robe in South Australia. The lake is well-preserved thanks to conservation efforts. It remains protected in order to maintain the natural and diverse nature of the region’s flora and fauna.

Lake Robe Game Reserve Fishing & Camping Map, SA

Some of the most notable species include waterbirds and terrestrial mammals, including the sharp-tailed sandpiper, the hooded plover, and the swamp rat. It is also abundant in ducks, another reason why preservation efforts were initiated, in order to ensure a healthy population of these animals in the area since duck hunting is a popular recreational activity.

The saline lake borders the northern section of the Little Dip Conservation Park, making it perfectly suited for a weekend trip out of town. So, if you fancy bushwalking and exploring, then Lake Robe is a must-visit.

Away from the lake and park, there are so many exciting activities to indulge in while at Robe. This town and its fishing port features a distinct set of historical buildings that adds to its charm and unique character. The town’s surrounding area is noted for its dense bush and great biodiversity.

After a fun day at the lake, why not explore the town and discover its historical attractions? From Robe Cemetery to Robe House, The Hermitage, and the Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church and Schoolroom, there is so much to see and discover in the town.

If you are a history enthusiast wondering how to make the most of your time in Robe, then the Robe Gaol Ruins and Robe Customs House is the place for you. This visit is an eye-opening glimpse into the town’s rich heritage and historical events that have shaped it over the years. As one of the country’s oldest towns, it is fascinating to be able to walk back in time at the numerous attractions.

Remember to check with the attractions prior to visiting in order to make bookings if need be.

From Mount Gambier, take Princes Highway; it will appear shortly after the Southern Ports Highway.

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