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Fishermen’s Memorial

Fishermen’s Memorial

The Fishermen’s Memorial is a monument that was established as a tribute to the fishermen who lost their lives at sea.

Located near the port at the end of the beautiful Robe Beach, the memorial will provide you with a glimpse into the local history.

Fishermen’s Memorial History, Wall Plaques & Butterbox Boat, Robe SA

The memorial features a plaque in the shape of a whale fronting a blue wall with the names of the fishermen inscribed together with the dates and the circumstances by which they passed. It is a solemn tribute; one that’s undoubtedly worth visiting if you’re in the area.

Located near the Fishermen’s Memorial in Robe is the Seafarer’s Memorial; located along the mound on Royal Circus and Mundy Terrace.

History and maritime enthusiasts will appreciate visiting both memorials; the Seafarer’s Memorial, in particular, is notable because it commemorates the meeting of Nicolas Baudin and Matthew Flinders in 1802 at Encounter Bay.

Matthew Flinders was a navigator, scientist, and hydrographer; he was also responsible for being the first person to trace the Australian continent and proved Tasmania was an island. His work is so significant that memorials to him can be found not just in South Australia, but also in Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne.

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