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The quaint and picturesque Struan community lies on one edge of the Limestone Coast area in SA. Renowned for its horseback riding activities, this community in South Australia is mostly visited by adventure lovers.

With its numerous limestone ridges and verdant forest, Struan is a beautiful county stretched over 1080 hectares of flood plains and sandy areas. However, the town has good supplies of underground fresh water at shallow depths. Hence, there is an abundance of farmlands and horticulture sites in this county.

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Apart from the numerous agricultural industries, Struan has a number of wool industries and dairy and cattle farms. The town’s overall economy depends upon the agriculture and cattle farms.

Struan operates a variety of horse riding activities across the bushland and the adjacent forests. Novice horse riders can take a short training lesson at various farming properties with exercise yards in Struan before going out on a trail ride. The town also has several picnics and cave trail rides are also available for visitors.

Apart from its horseback riding, Struan is also known for its historic sites. At Naracoorte, there is a mansion known as the Struan house. This historic manor was built by John Robertson, an immigrant from Scotland. Visitors can take the self-guided walking tours across the manor to view its architecture, Victorian style decor, and its surroundings.

Struan also offers a number of exclusive trails through the native bushlands and the charming landscape. Apart from that, visitors to Struan can also take a Naracoorte tour to view its fossil and caves.

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