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Pelican Point

Pelican Point

Pelican Point is a beautiful coastal town located in South Australia within the state electoral district of Mount Gambier.

The town encompasses a headland along the coastline, making it an idyllic holiday destination. The town is bordered by Bungalow Bay and the famous Pelican Point shack areas.

Pelican Point Accommodation, Fishing, Camping & Road Map, SA

Pelican Point was previously known as Pointe Des Cordonniers, but its name and boundaries have since been changed to its present name and location. The area was named after the presence of the many bird species found in the area; the pelicans, as well as other wading birds that visitors may see a glimpse of.

This tiny locality has a few features that stand out, including a lookout point from where visitors can enjoy bird watching, a detached pump house, and a small breakwater. There is also a bathroom which allows for freshening up as well as sheds that have been constructed to store boats and fodder. These facilities were put up by a Mr Ehret, and have stood the test of time over the years.

Since Pelican Point is a small town, it can be explored in a day or less. After visiting the sights, go see some of Mount Gambier’s most stunning attractions. Check out the Mount Gambier Aquatic Centre, a leisure facility ideal for the whole family. It’s equipped with facilities that include a full-size Olympic pool, a wading pool, giant inflatables, and a beach volleyball court. The centre also provides free BBQ facilities onsite.

Enjoy sweeping views of the coastline at Centenary Tower, a structure located 190 metres above sea level. The tower, which first opened in 1904, allows visitors to take in panoramic views of the town. Alternatively, tour the Valley Lake Wildlife Park and Boardwalk which is a popular recreational centre that travellers of all ages will love. The park is renowned for its biodiversity; it’s home to indigenous flora and fauna with spectacular nature trails and boardwalks.

Other attractions near Pelican Point include Engelbrecht Cave, Blue Lake, and Echo Farm. The latter is perfect for a tour of South Australia’s countryside offering a glimpse into the rural way of life in the region.

Pelican Point is just about half an hour’s drive from Mount Gambier, located near Carpenter Rock Road.

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