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Nene Valley

Nene Valley

Nene Valley is a tranquil seaside town in South Australia; located around 23 kilometres south-west of Mount Gambier

This area is best known for its excellent fishing and incredible swimming beaches.

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The settlement beach is generally safe for swimming; thanks to mostly calm conditions due to the waves that break at the offshore reefs. However, be careful when swimming east of the shacks area because this is where rips tend to happen and lifeguards don’t patrol the beach. Surfing is possible during low shore breaks. Fishers typically take boats out for fishing around the reefs.

Some land along the coast belongs to a protected area called the Nene Valley Conservation Park; proclaimed under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972. From Nene Valley, visitors can also head out for fun day trips to explore nearby areas.

There are several beachfront accommodation options to choose from for visitors looking for a quiet seaside getaway. Most of these are private property rentals with amazing views of the sea and land.

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