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Dartmoor is a small town in southwest Victoria, roughly 50km and a 35-minute drive from Mount Gambier.

This family-friendly rural area is surrounded by numerous natural attractions, such as the Lower Glenelg National Park and the Glenelg River.

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The area’s rich history dates back to its pastoral days, as it was once a centre for grazing and softwood plantations. Today, the town’s laid-back charm has attracted many visitors who come for the many exciting attractions and activities to enjoy.

Outdoor activities are particularly popular in Dartmoor. Not to be missed is the Dartmoor Heritage Trail Walk, which takes you to the Avenue of Honour, which dates back to 1918. The Avenue of Honour is abundant with Atlantic Cedar Trees, but while the original nameplates have somehow gone missing, a plaque lists down all the tree’s locations. The Dartmoor Heritage Trail Walk is the best way to learn about the town’s history and discover the exciting development plans.

For souvenirs, check out the Community Op Shop in the St George’s Anglican Church Building. Proceeds of the shop go to local community groups, so it’s shopping for a good cause.

Another notable attraction is the Coach House Museum, established in 1993. It aims to preserve the district’s written, oral, object, and pictorial history through a fascinating collection of displays. There are regular themed exhibitions, but social and family researchers find the information here particularly important. Publications of district history are for sale as well.

The Nowlee Arts and Crafts Centre within the museum features locally made designs, including art pieces, bags, quilts, and much more. These make great gifts and souvenirs; if you are looking for a custom item, they can also take special orders.

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