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Allendale East

Allendale East

Allendale East is a town in South Australia; located around 20 kilometres south of Mount Gambier.

The town has a rich history dating back to 1910 when the first settlers arrived, and eventually, the township flourished.

Allendale East Accommodation, Store, School & Sinkhole Cave, SA

The need for spiritual development and a social gathering place led to the establishment of a Community Hall in 1910. It was followed by a stock pound, a hotel, and a cheese factory, which was in operation through the early 1920s.

By the early 1960s, the Allendale East area was more developed thanks to the addition of a post office, churches, schools, and stores. The Community Hall has always functioned as the venue of choice for dances, parties, cards, weddings, and many important local events. Because of this, it became a pivotal figure in the community culture.

Today, Allendale East is home to around 500 people. It’s a charming town worth visiting if you’d like to get a feel of small-town life in South Australia.

Spend the day exploring the quaint town, or having a beverage in the cafe. Cave diving has also become a popular attraction around here due to the presence of many nearby caves.

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