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Telford Scrub Conservation Park

Telford Scrub Conservation Park a protected location for endangered plants and is ideal for bird watching, bushwalking and quiet contemplation.

Telford Scrub Conservation Park has a 4.3-metre high boardwalk which offers a birds-eye view of the forest. Spread over 175 hectares of land, the park contains many species of plants with conservation value.

Telford Scrub Conservation Park Map, Information & Address, SA

The park is located just 14 kilometres away from Mount Gambier and can be accessed by the Riddoch Highway; entry to the park is free. There are two picnic tables nestled in the small clearing and they provide an ideal spot for a secluded lunch. You won’t ever get lost in Telford Park as there is a multitude of signboards that provide information about the park.

The Park has a large variety of wildlife species and one can see many varieties of animals here. Several koalas were reintroduced in the park in 1997, they were brought here from Kangaroo Island. The Park is also a home for the endangered sugar glider. The endangered southern brown bandicoot can also be found here. The park has a beautiful collection of orchids and they are considered the most beautiful plants in the park. Over 20 species of orchids are found in the park including donkey orchid, pink finger, purple cockatoo and tiger orchid.

The park remains open almost all year. Different seasons will offer you different experiences. Walking among the various trails of the park is a surreal experience. This park is a haven for wildlife lovers and bird watchers. Although camping is not allowed within the parklands, there are other ways to experience this beautiful park. Visiting Telford Scrub Conservation Park with your family is a really great way to spend some quality time.

Grundys Lane
via Riddoch Highway
Dismal Swamp, South Australia

Opening Hours
24 hours

Phone Number
(08) 8735 1177

Email Address

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What is the Telford Scrub Conservation Park address?
Grundys Lane
via Riddoch Highway, Dismal Swamp, South Australia

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What are the Telford Scrub Conservation Park opening hours?
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What is the Telford Scrub Conservation Park phone number?
What is the Telford Scrub Conservation Park email address?

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