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Penambol Conservation Park

Penambol Conservation Park

Penambol Conservation Park is located in Mount Gambier and is one of the national parks that has been set apart for conservation purposes in South Australia.

Two of the most fascinating features at this conservation park are The Wombat Walk and The Butterfly Walk, both of which offer excellent trails which allow visitors to experience nature at its best.

Penambol Conservation Park Map, Information & Address, SA

The Butterfly Walk stretches for a kilometre and takes approximately half an hour to complete. The walk meanders through the woodlands where the stringybark and swamp gum are commonplace.

Wombat Walk, on the other hand, stretches for 4.5 kilometres and will take about 2 hours on average to complete. This second walk in the Penambol Conservation Park tests the resilience of many a tourist for its long-distance. The walk which passes through the eastern region of the park, allows visitors to enjoy the biodiversity of Penambol’s flora and fauna. There are numerous species of birds and animals along the walk.

One of the most common animals you will come across, and which the walking trail is named after, is the wombat. These four-legged marsupials are easy to spot during evening walks when they come out in the open to feed in the cool of the evening. The walk also avails many opportunities for nature photography.

Another notable attraction at Penambol Conservation Park is the Caroline Sinkhole, whose location has been linked to the presence of Aborigines in the area. The sinkhole, still in its natural state, is best viewed from a platform suspended close by. It also offers exquisite picnicking sites for an exciting and unique way to experience Mount Gambier.

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