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Parker Coonawarra Estate

Parker Coonawarra Estate

Parker Coonawarra Estate is a popular winery and vineyard in Coonawarra which utilises the wonderful terra rossa soil to produce some of the finest wine blends in South Australia.

The winery is situated approximately three and a half hours from the city of Adelaide and about four hours from Melbourne. Therefore, this winery is often visited by both Melbournians and Adelaide residents. With the beautiful Grampians region relatively close by, Parker Coonawarra Estate is a favourable choice for a wine tasting trip for many visitors and tourists.

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The Parkers started this winery back in 1985. Initially, this vineyard was owned by the famous Abbey family and after being taken over by founders John and Faye Parker, there was a significant change. The owners started growing new grape varietals in addition to the existing vines.

Many of their wines are popular for their unique notes and intense flavours. Try Parker’s 2006 series that features a subtle taste with blackberry notes, layered rich classic and fruity overtones. When you taste this wine, you can make out the strong taste, with a subtle tannin aftertaste lingering on your palate. Each of their wines is complemented by balanced acidity and elegant structure.

When the Parkers released their first wine in 1991, many wine lovers praised it. In fact, it was an instant hit. After the release of 1988 vintage, the winery tried creating many new blends for crafting their wines.

Don’t forget to have a tasting where you get the chance to taste many award-winning wines. Some of their vintage series has also won the Penfold Hyland Trophy in the past.

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