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Naracoorte Showgrounds

Naracoorte Showgrounds is a popular camping and outdoor destination in South Australia.

It provides visitors with an authentic camping experience in a beautiful environment while being just close to shops and restaurants nearby.

Naracoorte Showgrounds, Cafe, Camping Grounds & Caravan Park, SA

Facilities in the showgrounds include water, toilets, showers, rubbish pins, and power outlets. Dogs are allowed, as long as they are leashed at all times.

The grounds can also accommodate caravans of all sizes. Interested campers should take note that camping is only allowed if there are no other events occurring in the area because it’s a popular venue for many community events throughout the year.

It is recommended to get in touch with the caretaker to find out the schedule of events, with advanced bookings also required. The maximum stay allowed is 72 hours.

The Naracoorte Showgrounds are right beside the Wimmera Highway, located in the eastern part of Naracoorte.

Smith St
Naracoorte, SA

Opening Hours
Open times varies upon each event

Phone Number
0414 453 360

Ticket Prices / Admission
Price varies upon each event

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