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Mount Gambier Uniting Church

Mount Gambier Uniting Church

The Mount Gambier Uniting Church was established in 1977 encompassing the Methodist, Presbyterian, and Congregational Churches. It is an innovative Australian Christian community that takes pride in following Jesus Christ as an example in life.

It is the third-largest denomination in the country, with around 10% of local South Australians involved in the church.

Mount Gambier Uniting Church Services, Mass Times & History, SA

Their core beliefs include knowing God, recognising the authority of the bible, growing involvement in the community, discipleship, prayer, and evangelism.

The church itself is a sight to behold; the heritage-listed attraction is renowned for its distinct architectural elegance. The structure dates back to some of the first settlements in town and is located atop a hill. Its tall spire can be seen from various points around Mount Gambier. Just behind the church is an old manse; another heritage feature that recently became the Manse Hub – it serves as the home to the church offices.

The Mount Gambier Uniting Church offers several activities: Life Groups, Mainly Music, Adult Fellowship, Creative Connections, and Women’s Fellowship.

Mainly music provides an opportunity for parents or caregivers to bond with children, where music is the focus and creativity is encouraged while placing God at the centre of all activities. Life Groups are curated gatherings that encourage members to get to know others in an informal setting, with evening and daytime groups available. Home groups, regular groups, and social groups are also occasionally planned.

Mainly music takes place on Mondays from 9:30am to 10am. Adult Fellowship is open to all men and women and it involves a range of activities including outings, bible studies, and guest speakers, among others. It takes place every third Tuesday of the month, at 1:30pm.

Tuesday Night Fellowship is open to everyone as well; including new members, and involves several different kinds of activities. It takes place on 7:30pm every fourth Tuesday of the month. Sunday service takes place at 9:30am.

The Mount Gambier Uniting Church is located on Elizabeth Street.

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‘Come as you are’ Service: Saturday at 5pm
Family Service: Sunday at 10am

Office open: Mon - Thurs from 9:30am - 12pm

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