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Leg Of Mutton Lake

Leg of Mutton Lake

The Leg of Mutton Lake in Mount Gambier is one of the four lakes that were formed when a young Australian volcano erupted around 4,000 years ago.

The lake formed naturally from a vent where lava flowed following the eruption. It gets its name due to its shape, which resembles a piece of meat.

Leg of Mutton Lake, Crater, Walk Trail & Forest Nursery, Mount Gambier

The other lakes on Mount Gambier are: The Blue Lake, Valley Lake, and Browns Lake. Due to the reductions in the water table, the Leg of Mutton Lake, together with Browns Lake, has become dry. Regardless of this, the areas around it make for excellent hikes and scenic walks.

Visitors can choose from the Mountain Trail, the Pepperport Trail, and the Blue Lake Circuit. All these walks take visitors through the famous craters of Mount Gambier.

Along the way, visitors can stop and take photos at the many lookout points. The Valley Crater Lake, which is the most popular of these lakes, shouldn’t be missed. This is where you’ll find several facilities; such as a kids’ playground, outdoor barbecues, shelters, picnic amenities, and wildlife park.

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