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Hells Hole

Hells Hole

Mount Gambier is known as being the second-most populous city in South Australia. Only a short distance from Mount Gambier is Hells Hole, a large sink-hole which has existed for thousands of years.

Mount Gambier is no doubt the most ideal holiday destination within South Australia as it is widely praised for its ancient array of volcanic landscapes, lakes, underground waterways and sink-holes.

Hells Hole Sinkhole & Cave Diving Spot Mt Gambier, South Australia

One such sink-hole is known as ‘Hells Hole’ – a massive 30-metre deep sink-hole filled with dark blue freshwater. The attraction site is located in Lower Glenelg National Park near the depths of the pine forest, in South Australia. At Hells Hole, enthusiastic divers get to have a glimpse of what lays inside the cave.

Regulations apply and all people are required to have suitable qualifications and must obtain a permit from the attraction site first before they can be granted full access to dive into Hells Hole. Permits for Hells Hole may be obtained emailing Forestry South Australia at [email protected].

If you are not diving, you are still welcome to walk to the sink-hole where you can gaze down from the platform above. There is no admission fee and access is theoretically available 24 hours a day, although this is a rural area and you may not see much after dusk. After parking in the small parking bay, walk past the gate for about 50 metres and you will find a narrow pathway on your left.


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