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Greenwald Paceway

Greenwald Paceway

The Greenwald Paceway is a premier harness-racing track located on Pick Avenue in Mount Gambier.

The local community, as well as many other racing enthusiasts from afar, look forward to the events held throughout the year.

Greenwald Paceway, Trots & Harness Racing Club, Mount Gambier SA

The Mount Gambier Harness Racing Club Gold Cup and the Glencoe Cup are two of the most anticipated races held at the paceway every year. These family-friendly events draw large crowds and are fully catered with delicious food and drinks for spectators.

The Greenwald Paceway has long been a top venue for harness racing – a sport well-loved by Australians. It involves driving a standard-bred horse, pulling a sulky which is a light, two-wheeled vehicle.

There are two main kinds of horses involved in harness racing, known by their gait: pacers or pacing horses, use both legs on each side of the body simultaneously while the second, the trotter or trotting horse, uses its right rear and left front leg at the same time, followed by the left rear and right front.

Harness racing is one of two types of horse racing, with the other being horse racing using a saddle.

If you are visiting Mount Gambier, there’s no better way to get into the local spirit than by attending a race of two at the Greenwald Paceway.

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