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Frew Park

Frew Park

Frew Park is a popular outdoor sports venue in Mount Gambier. The 7-acre park was originally under the name of Alexander Mitchell, whose widow Helen married John Frew following his demise.

The park was in the hands of the trust until it was given to the Corporation of Mount Gambier back in 1939.

Frew Park Cricket Oval, Toy Library & Community Kitchen, Mount Gambier

From 1883 to 1941, the park was mainly used as a venue for community events; particularly for the Caledonian Sports Day. Catholic schools in nearby areas also held sports events within the park.

In 1892, cycle tracks were added, while a caretaker’s lodge was erected in 1897. However, both have since been removed in recent decades.

These days, Frew Park serves as a popular cricket pitch, with community events still taking place here.

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