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Domain Playground

Domain Playground

The Domain Playground, also known as the Millicent Mega Playground, is a vibrant outdoor adventure space in Millicent.

It features a modern playground with fun equipment catering to kids of all age groups, as well as individuals with varying abilities.

Domain Playground, BBQ & Tables, Outdoor Gym Equipment, Millicent

As one of the most well-loved family-friendly spaces in the area, the park is filled with kids who come at all hours to revel in the playground.

Adults frequent the Domain Playground for the outdoor exercise equipment and the Liberty Swing. Facilities at the playground include a carpark, barbecue area, picnic area, public toilets, shelter and bus parking.

Dogs are welcome at the Domain Playground as well. Bring your furry friends along to relax at the park or take them to the nearby walking and hiking trails with you.

The surrounding area has other amenities, including a skate park, while the parklands are a terrific place for a picnic or just for enjoying the outdoors.

Many of Millicent’s cultural and artistic attractions are just a stone’s throw away, making this an excellent destination for all ages.

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