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Discovery Bay Coastal Park

Discovery Bay Coastal Park

Discovery Bay Coastal Park is known for its huge rolling sand dunes, high coastal cliffs, swamps, freshwater lakes, coastal vegetation and wildlife.

Discovery Bay Coastal Park is a remote coastal park that protects over 5 kilometres of the ocean beach and is located across borders in both western Victoria and the south-east corner of South Australia.

Discovery Bay Coastal Park 4WD, Camping, Fishing & Sand Dunes, VIC

The park extends over 25,000 acres along the Discovery Bay coast from Cape Nelson to the South Australian Border. The park consists of the traditional lands of the Gunditjmara people.

In 1963, the Victoria Land Conservation Council recommended that the park be listed as a coastal reserve. The park has been listed as a reserve ever since.

The park area consists of basalt overlain by limestone. This limestone contains fossils from the Pleistocene age. More than 300 species of plants are recorded as living in the park and the park also contains an important Wetland called the Long Swamp. This area is covered by twig-sedge (a plant), whose seeds are generally used as a food for ground parrots who populate this area. This swamp also provides a safe habitat to the endangered damselfly (an insect similar to a dragonfly).

The park has a large number of bird species and a number of threatened bird species nest on the beaches of the national park. Many species of parrots visit the park and have been reported as living in the dunes and shrublands. The Discovery Bay Coastal Park also provides a safe environment for endangered fish species like the pygmy perch, Yarra and dwarf galaxies. Many mammals are also part of the natural ecosystem of the park.

The Discovery Bay Coastal Park remains open throughout the year and is an ideal place to spend some quality time amongst nature.