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Dimjalla Skatepark

Dimjalla Skatepark

Dimjalla Skatepark is Mount Gambier’s premier skating facility. It’s popular among the local kids who are passionate about skating, biking, and BMX.

Occasionally, local youth groups hold events at the park that are a thrill to watch. Kids of all ages and abilities perform adrenaline-charged feats in the bowl.

Dimjalla Skatepark Open Bowl & Street Course Hours, Mount Gambier SA

On regular days, enthusiasts are welcome to use the bowl. Please take note that to ensure safety, it’s best to wear a helmet and safety gear at all times. An appropriate outfit would include close-toed shoes, gloves, a jumper, and long pants.

Recently, the local council and the skaters raised funds for renovations and updates to the park, which hadn’t been touched in many years.

Visitors and locals alike can now come to enjoy improved facilities at the park. Many bike shops in town sell BMX bicycles and accessories, for long-term visitors who’d like to make use of the park.

Dimjalla Skatepark is located along Jubilee Highway West, Mount Gambier.

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