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Devils Punch Bowl

Devils Punch Bowl

The Devils Punch Bowl is a one-of-a-kind volcanic phenomenon located within the Crater Lakes area of Mount Gambier.

It was discovered in May 1844 by a man named Mr Burr, and today it’s one of the most underrated natural attractions in the area.

Devils Punch Bowl Walking / Hiking Trails, Hours & Address, Mount Gambier

The bowl is made up of coral limestone and is around 170m at its widest point. It’s popular for having some of the most adventurous and scenic bike trails located on its left side. The bike trails will take you to other nearby attractions including the Tenison Woods College, Potters Point Lookout, and many more.

For visitors who aren’t into biking or cycling, Devils Punch Bowl is worth visiting even if it’s for the stunning views.

The lake that was once within appears to have been dried up, but there are quiet areas around the crater to unwind and relax.

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