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Centennial Park

Centennial Park

Centennial Park in Millicent is a family-friendly picnic area. It features a popular playground that kids love.

Dogs are welcome too, with locals frequently visiting the area with their pets in tow.

Centennial Park, Playground, BBQ, Tables & Wind Turbine Blade, Millicent

There are shaded areas underneath the trees where visitors can relax as kids safely play. Bring along snacks or drinks if you’d like; this park is highly recommended for a fun day out with the young ones.

A wood sculpture can be found here as well; it commemorates volunteers who serviced the tragic Ash Wednesday bushfires that took place in February 1983. The bushfires ravaged hundreds of homes in the area, and thousands of cattle and sheep perished with the residents.

Next to Centennial Park is the Millicent National Trust Museum, housing an impressive array of restored buggies and other interesting items. It was initially built in 1873 to serve as a primary school, though the structure has been home to the Millicent National Trust Museum from 1960 onwards. Visiting the museum is recommended for visitors who want to learn about the town’s story from pre-settlement times. Other highlights include the machinery shed, Shipwreck room, stunning old costumes, and the most impressive array of horse-drawn vehicles.

Centennial Park is located at George Street in Millicent.

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