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Cape Northumberland

Cape Northumberland is located on the southernmost point of South Australia and is a destination that boasts of stunning natural beauty with a long, rich history.

Dating back to 1800, it was named by Royal Navy officer James Grant after the Duke of Northumberland.

Cape Northumberland Fairy Penguin Colony & Ruins, Port Macdonnell SA

Its rugged coastline, panoramic ocean views, and natural vegetation make it a top tourist attraction in the area.

This destination has numerous sights to explore and activities to enjoy for all ages. Driving from Port MacDonnell provides terrific sweeping views of the rocks and the petrified forest.

The main beach area is 90 meters long; it gives a tranquil seaside escape for visitors looking to swim or sunbathe. However, be cautious when swimming due to the numerous rocks on the beach.

There are also three great fishing locations that give easy access to holes, gutters, and reef flats. During certain times of the year, surfers flock to the cape for its terrific surf breaks.

The lighthouse, built in 1882, is a popular landmark in the area. Visitors come by the lighthouse ruins to take in ocean views, although it’s particularly scenic for sunrise and sunset.

At dusk and dawn each day, fairy penguin sightings may be seen from the Penguin Viewing Platform. Visitors who are keen on staying overnight may camp in self-contained vehicles at the Cape Northumberland Campground, which permits motorhomes to stay for a maximum of 24 hours.

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