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Cape Dombey Obelisk

Cape Dombey Obelisk

The Cape Dombey Obelisk (commonly known as just the “Robe Obelisk”) is a major historical landmark in Robe; a fishing town within the Limestone Coast of South Australia.

The obelisk was erected on the cape in 1852 as a means of helping ships navigate safely into Guichen Bay and also to keep rocket lifesaving equipment.

Cape Dombey Obelisk Robe, History, Walk, Photos & Erosion Closure, SA

Back then, rockets carrying goods in baskets were fired to distressed ships to save lives and bring passengers home.

The 12-meter height of the obelisk ensured visibility as far as 20 kilometres out at sea. But in 1862, captains complained that the plain white obelisk was difficult to spot from the white sandhills of Long Beach. Following this, the obelisk was painted in red and white bands.

Today, the paths surrounding the cape are popular for photography, as well as walking and biking on the trails. The wheelchair-friendly trails also showcase some interesting and historic houses in the area.

Visitors can come to appreciate history or enjoy some scenery, with the cape especially attractive during sunset.

Make sure to visit this beacon when you get a chance, as local authorities estimate that due to erosion, the obelisk may eventually end up falling into the sea, due to the fact it’s built right on a headland that is continuously being washed away by the wind and waves.

Cape Dombey Obelisk is located along Obelisk Road in Robe, South Australia. Entrance is free of charge and a parking area for cars and buses is available.

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