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Cape Banks Lighthouse

Cape Banks Lighthouse

Cape Banks Lighthouse is a lighthouse located on a headland in Carpenter Rocks, South Australia.

Constructed in 1883, the original lighthouse was built from local limestone and stood 7.5 meters tall.

Cape Banks Lighthouse History & Camping Area, Carpenter Rocks SA

The lantern used was taken from the old MacDonnell Lighthouse, which was demolished in 1882. It also utilised revolving white and red faces using three lamps; two white and one red.

It was first used in 1883, but by May 1928, the structure was increased to 15 metres tall. Along with this upgrade came with the de-manning of the light while the caretaker’s cottage was demolished.

The lighthouse is on the South Australian Heritage Register as a state heritage place due to its significance in the country’s maritime history. It has been monumental in assisting with ships’ navigation during the late 19th century, while its design represents advancements in lighthouse technology.

Cape Banks Lighthouse is accessible to the public through a sealed road that takes you to Carpenter Rocks. From here, follow the unsealed road for the last few kilometres, and you’ll see the lighthouse.

Since there are no guided tours, visitors can explore the area on their own. The lighthouse is open all year round.

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