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Beachport Conservation Park

Beachport Conservation Park

White sandy beaches, cool breeze, coastal flora and an array of birdlife; all these make Beachport Conservation Park an ideal spot for bird watching.

Beachport Conservation Park, located in Limestone Coast of South Australia is a protected area. It is about 80 km from Mount Gambier and north of the town Beachport.

Beachport Conservation Park Camping, Map, Information & Address, SA

Originally established in 1959 as a nature reserve, the conservation park was declared as a National Park in 1959. Under the National Parks and Wildlife Act of 1972, it was reclaimed as a conservation park with the purpose of preventing and protecting the coastal environment of Southeast Australia.

This park has a large array of birdlife and here you will have a chance to see the rare orange-bellied parrot that can be found in the coastal saltmarshes and at beach dune habitats. Whilst exploring the park, look out for hooded plovers which can be seen nesting along the beach. The park is famous for its weathered limestone cliffs and ‘middens’, which are the discarded remains of shellfish. Whilst exploring the trails of this National Park, you can see stunning panoramic views of the ocean and Lake George. The walk around the Woolley Lake will also give you some nice views and ample opportunity to snap some beautiful photos.

Beachport Conservation Park is the perfect destination for bird lovers and nature admirers. You can visit the Park with your family as it is a great opportunity for young ones to learn more about birds. The park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Take note that wood fires and solid fuel fires are prohibited.

Don’t forget to bring your binoculars and get close up views of the beautiful flora and fauna of the Beachport Conservation Park.

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