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Aberfoyle Gardens

Aberfoyle Gardens

The Aberfoyle Gardens are located in Kongorong, just 25 minutes south of Mount Gambier. The gardens rest on a 1-hectare of land, and therefore most visitors spend time walking around these extensive gardens.

The Aberfoyle Gardens are a country garden comprising of a variety of roses and spacious lawns, as well as thousands of other varieties of trees and shrubs. There are also ponds, along with a swimming pool and a waterfall.

Aberfoyle Gardens, Park & Weddings, Kongorong, Mount Gambier

Visitors enjoy great moments while strolling around the gardens, taking in the appealing landscape enjoying the varieties of plants. The gorgeous roses are found in garden beds as well as climbing roses which clamber over archways. Also, there are blue spruce, oaks and willows that provide a lush backdrop to the swimming pool and the ponds. There are also other features such as a plant nursery and water fountains.

It is a garden that creates dappled shade, making a tranquil setting for visitors to the garden. Lovers of nature and people with interest in environmental conservation and protection will enjoy visiting Aberfoyle Garden. As this garden has contributed to the preservation and conservation of plant species, conservationists will get special enjoyment from the success of these gardens.

The garden not only hosts a variety of plant species but also plays music on Sundays. The weekly music event starts at 2pm and ends at 4pm. This is one of the draws that attract visitors to the gardens, especially over the weekend.

With many things to see in the Mount Gambier region, the Aberfoyle Gardens in Kongorong is one that ought not to be missed.


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  • Hi, I wish to have a look through the garden with my partner to see if it is the right fit for our wedding which we hope to have in March. I have called the number but havent been able to get through. Is there an email that might work? Thanks

    • Hi Emma, thanks for your email.

      Unfortunately that is the only number I can find and there is no email address linked to their business.

      Therefore, I suggest you contact the Mount Gambier Visitors centre who may be able to assist with current information not available online. You can email them at this address: [email protected] or call them at this number: (08) 8721 2555.

      Best of luck,

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