Valley Lake Timed Hill Climb 2015

Valley Lake Timed Hill Climb
The area of Mt Gambier celebrates a renowned event known as the first Valley Lake Timed Hill Climb. Held in the month of November, this event is one of the most popular summer festivals in this region of Mt Gambier. The event attracts a number of participants from all parts of the nation.

Whether you have any plans to visit Mt Gambier for a family vacation or a business trip, you can surely go visiting the Valley Lake Timed Hill Climb event venue for watching some enthusiastic participants in action.

Valley Lake Timed Hill Climb – Mount Gambier

The region Mount Gambier is well-known for its rich history and vibrant motor sports. Hence, the township celebrates this popular Valley Lake timed hill climb event every year. Come here to watch the competitive drivers in action at this beautiful venue in Mt Gambier.

For those guests visiting to the event venue should be aware of the area’s major public roads to the Valley Lake recreational area stay closed for two days for the conduct of this renowned motor sports event. The event runs for two days and lasts from morning till 4pm.

Guests heading to this event can take the shuttle bus service. Most of the shuttle buses leave the Mel Hirth lookout and take the route to the Lower Valley Lake recreation area to reach the event venue. Every 35 minutes, a shuttle bus leaves from the lookout for the destination. Most of the shuttle transfer services are offered by the event organisers.

A number of participants take part in this event and compete to win the title while trying to make a record in hill climbing. Mackrell was the first participant who made the record of 11 hill climb records around Australia and won the title of 2006 Legend of the Lakes.

Valley Lake Timed Hill Climb Information

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Haig Drive, Mt Gambier

Event Dates:

Friday, Nov 6, 2015 at 8:00am to Sunday, Nov 8, 2015 at 4:00pm

Phone: 0427 230 003


  • Please tell me dates for the Hill Climb in November 2015. I want to book accommodation

    • Hi Jane,

      Thee Hill Climb in 2015 is due to run from the morning of Friday the 6th to the afternoon of Sunday 8th.

      If you are looking for accommodation, may I suggest using Hotels Combined as they compare all of the different hotels available in Mount Gambier, but also compare each website’s deals (it’s what i use when looking internationally when there is so many chose from and the prices can vary differently between websites.)

      Hope this helps.

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