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Naracoorte Caves

Naracoorte Caves

Located adjacent to the Victorian border, the Naracoorte Caves in the southeastern region of South Australia is one of the most popular and highly-visited tourist sites in the Mount Gambier region. Naracoorte Caves is also a World Heritage spot because of its two non-contiguous fossil sites.

The Naracoorte Caves are one of the many historic and geological significant sites close to Mount Gambier. Stretched over 305 hectares of landscape, the Naracoorte Caves National Park includes caves, local flora and a series of coastal dune ridges located parallel to the South Australian coastline.

Naracoorte Caves National Park Attraction Prices, Map & Cafe, SA

The town of Naracoorte is approximately 100kms north of Mount Gambier; so Naracoorte is a popular tourist spot for those travelling between Mount Gambier and Adelaide.

The Naracoorte Caves are in the southeastern section of the Limestone Coast. Those driving from the Victorian border can reach the caves by driving about 80 kilometres on the Princes Highway from Mount Gambier.

The Australian fossil mammal sites at Naracoorte Caves were inscribed on the list of World Heritage sites in 1994. These fossils are outstanding examples which represent the evolutionary history of the earth and its significant constant ecological evolution.

The Naracoorte Caves is also a popular attraction among visitors due to its numerous subterranean wonders. There are a total of 26 small and medium sized caves located in the Naracoorte Caves National Park. Presently, some of the caves are specifically closed for the scientific research in order to protect the caves and its fossils.

At the Naracoorte Caves, visitors can take a scenic cave tour or a fossil tour in order to view all the sites and to learn more about fossils in this historically significant area.

89 Wonambi Road
Naracoorte, South Australia

Operating Hours
9am - 5pm

(08) 8760 1210

Ticket Prices / Admission
Entry to the national park and car parking is free, however tour fees apply.
Check individual cave pages for pricing.


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      Depending on which caves you want to attend, the pricing is different. There are group discounts for 10 or more people, however these are separated into Adults and Child groups only. Also, group bookings need to be pre-booked. I have attached the link of pricing here.

      I would recommend you contact Naracoorte Caves directly to get final pricing for the caves you intend to tour.