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Myora Forest Reserve

Myora Forest Reserve

The Myora Forest Reserve, one of the most notable forested areas in South Australia, is located just 14 kms from Mount Gambier.

The forest reserve was once known as the Caroline Forest Reserve and is located at the South East end of Mount Gambier.

Myora Forest Reserve Camping, Map, Information & Address, SA

Nature-enthusiasts will be delighted to know that this forest reserve is home to the Snow Gum. Due to the presence of the Snow Gum trees, Myora Forest Reserve provides habitation for the Yellow-bellied glider, a nocturnal possum best identifiable by its distinct light-coloured belly.

Another unique thing about this Forest Reserve is that it is home to the Kangaroo Island Pomaderris, a shrub that spreads very rapidly, and whose native home is Kangaroo Island, located off the coast of South Australia.

Due to the beauty of the forest reserve, bush walking is a common activity for visitors who head to Myora Forest. The tranquillity of the forest continues to attract tourists from all over the world. Nature-lovers will have a field day with photography as the flora and fauna within the reserve make capturing a beautiful photo very easy.

Cycling is also allowed within the forest reserve, and makes for an invigorating outdoor activity especially for those travelling in groups. There are a number of organised event activities that visitors can take part in including motorcycle rallies, car rallies and mountain bike racing. However, it is imperative that prior arrangements are made through an application process overseen by the management of the Myora Forest Reserve.

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