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Mount Gambier Forest Reserve

Mount Gambier Forest Reserve

The Mount Gambier Forest Reserve, one of South Australia’s most vast forested areas, is located in Mount Gambier and is considered a major tourist attraction in the region.

The proximity of the forest reserve to Mount Gambier has led to the town thriving in forestry, transportation and agriculture. The forested area offers numerous activities for visitors to enjoy against the background of undefiled nature, and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Mount Gambier Forest Reserve Camping, Map & Address, SA

One of the most distinct features of the Mount Gambier Forest Reserve is the presence of caves of various sizes, from small-sized pits to huge sinkholes. Licensed scuba-drivers keen on caving in the forest reserve must obtain a permit beforehand. The same is applicable for dry caving.

The floral biodiversity at the forest allows visitors to view various species of wild flowers. In addition, visitors touring the forest reserve can also spot a number of mammals, including the southern brown bandicoot, the eastern grey kangaroo and different species of possums. The beauty of the forest reserve is exemplified by the many species of butterflies that can be seen by visitors walking through the forest.

Recreational trails are also common at the Mount Gambier Forest Reserve with the Dry Creek walking trail, the only marked trail in the forest reserve. For adrenaline junkies, this marked trail offers the opportunity to go mountain bike riding, an exhilarating outdoor activity. By obtaining a forest permit and paying a nominal fee, visitors can also go horse riding. Making plans in advance offers visitors the option of attending different events held in the forest reserve at different times, including sled dog racing, car rallies and bird watching.

Camping is also available throughout the reserve, however campers should note that fees apply. Those wishing to check out the various camping spots should contact Forestry SA for detail on camping facilities and current weather conditions, particularly during the bushfire season.

Wandilo Road
Mt Gambier, South Australia

Operating Hours
24 hours

(08) 8724 2888

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  • Hello, i am looking to go for a small hiking/camping trip around the outskirts of Mount Gambier, where is it possible to set up a small camp and stay overnight in the surrounding forests? (There will be no fires involved).

    • Hi James,

      Here is a map of all the “Green Triangle” forests managed by Forestry SA. As most of these forests have been set up for conservation, no camping is permitted in these areas. Hiking is permitted during daylight hours and some cycling is permitted on established tracks.

      I am not aware of any bush camping sites around the Mount Gambier area. I suggest you contact Forestry SA who may be able to assist further.

      Kind regards,

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