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Estuary Beach

Estuary Beach

Estuary Beach is a top attraction for visitors travelling to Nelson, Victoria. The beach is located at the far end of Beach Road, which leads up to an exciting getaway away from the hustle and bustle of daily life in the city.

Estuary Beach Fishing & Swimming & Wild Fauna, Nelson VIC

The beach is aptly named as it is located at the point where the river meets the ocean. If you are looking for a unique destination and love water activities, this beach is highly recommended. During your visit, you will discover that this beach marks the meeting place for two beautiful bodies of water: the Glenelg River and the Southern Ocean.

What is fascinating about this beach is that on one end, you get to marvel at the tranquillity of the river as meets the ocean. On its opposite end, the ocean’s waters create marvellous roaring waves – quite the magnificent sight. For visitors who are fascinated by geographical features, Estuary Beach is certainly worth checking out.

In addition to the splendid views of the river as it meets the ocean, there are lots of fun activities to engage in. These include strolling on the beach, exploring the sand dunes, as well as enjoying nature trails across the beach.

There are also many bird species, so if you enjoy bird watching, this is the perfect place to be. Children will love the spacious areas for play. Go kayaking with the little ones and soak in the scenic views of the ocean. Kids will also love swimming in the clear waters of Estuary Beach.

The beach draws large crowds during summer, so you may want to arrive early to get the most of your day. Bring an umbrella for shade, a picnic basket, some refreshments, and food along with you. There are many beach games that the young and old can enjoy. Some of the amenities available at the beach include parking space and toilet facilities.

Estuary Beach is located about 35 kilometres from Mount Gambier and is accessible by using the road from Nelson to the car parking area.

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