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Fayrefield House
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Fayrefield House

Fayrefield House is a romantic and exclusive getaway nestled in the beautiful township of Robe. If you are looking for luxury accommodation in town, this is the place to be.

The serenity of this country house, coupled with its amazing surroundings makes for one of the best holiday destinations in town.

Fayrefield House Accommodation Booking Robe, South Australia

Amenities at this historic country house include self-contained houses complete with a private patio that offers panoramic views of the lush countryside. This expansive property boasts 280 acres of farming land, so you can be certain that Fayrefield House has ample space for you to enjoy some peace and quiet during your stay.

Part of this space has been dedicated to rearing farm animals such as chickens, sheep and cattle, which makes this property an excellent choice for those with young children. There are a herb and vegetable garden on location, and this makes it easy for you to use the house’s professional kitchen to prepare your own meals.

Fayrefield House has 3 bedrooms that feature stylish bathrooms, SMART TV and 2 grand fireplaces. There is also a dining room for your convenience. Other amenities include laundry services as well as the use of eco-friendly facilities such as solar power and rainwater.

Nearby attractions include the magnificent Robe Golf Club, an array of local wineries as well as convenient amenities at the town centre, which is just a 5-minute drive away.

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