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Arches Spa Apartments & Complex

Arches Spa Apartments & Complex is located in the heart of Robe and is an excellent accommodation choice for those looking to be right in the centre of town.

The accommodation at Arches Spa Apartments & Complex is a perfect blend of modern design with a rustic touch. You can select from a range of different rooms known as the apartments, the stables and the cottages. The latter is a favourite for honeymooners and couples as they offer a private, romantic escape.

Arches Spa Apartments & Complex Accommodation Booking, Robe SA

Some rooms offer in-room spas as well as other amenities including, fully-furnished kitchens with appliances and an open fireplace.

The complex also has outdoor features for the use of guests including a private deck, a well-tended garden and BBQ facilities.

One of the advantages that these apartments have is the convenient location. Within close proximity to facilities such as shops, restaurants and cafes, it is easy to see why this is a popular holiday destination in Robe.

Once you step outside, you will enjoy some of the region’s finest attractions such as Robe Golf Course, the beautiful coastline and a wide array of restaurants where you can enjoy fresh seafood.

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