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Sound and Light Show

Sound and Light Show

The Sound and Light Show runs nightly in the Cave Gardens, Mount Gambier. The show tells visitors about Aboriginal Dreamtime of the Cave Gardens.

Usually, when you are sightseeing in quaint towns, night entertainment is few and far between. But Mount Gambier provides you with one great activity that can be enjoyed each evening all year round.

Cave Gardens Sound and Light Show Display Times, Mount Gambier

The show is held in the evening and is free to watch. The time for the sound and light show varies seasonally and with daylight savings.

During the show, if you look down into the sinkhole you will see that coloured light originates from the cave and projects the shadow-like images onto the cave walls. The images move across the rock face and are accompanied by the mystical and ethereal soundscape. The calmness of the Cave Gardens will add to your experience and view these stories unfold in a natural setting is a unique way to learn about the Aboriginal Dreamtime.

The cave gardens are easy to access from the town centre. They are surrounded the by beautiful rose gardens and provide ample photo opportunities for photographers.

So, if you are on a vacation in the Mount Gambier region and are near the town centre, you should think about taking a little trip to the cave gardens to witness this light and sound show.

Cave Gardens
Bay Rd
Mt Gambier, South Australia

Opening Hours
8.30pm - 8.45pm nightly
(9pm - 9.15pm during daylight savings)

Phone Number
(08) 8724 9750

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