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Redman Wines

Redman Wines

Redman Wines is a family-owned winery business started by the Redman family in 1908. Today, Redman’s is a famous winery in Coonawarra that produces many excellent wines.

Redman Wines still follows their family traditions, by using the same historic methods of viticulture and winemaking, with hand pruning and picking diligently followed at this vineyard.

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The Redman family’s present generation includes two brothers Malcolm and Bruce. The Redman brothers work together, in order to manage the wine-making and grape growing at the vineyard. Even today, the winery still follows the same family custom methods of making wines.

At Redman Wines, you will find the true essence of Coonawarra. Try their wines and you will not be disappointed with their 100% Coonawarra blends. Most of their classic series features a natural taste, moderate body, and elegant texture. Each of their wines is well-balanced with great fruity taste and acidity. Try their nationally acclaimed Cabernet Sauvignon blends and other magnificent wine series.

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