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Noolook Forest Reserve

Noolook Forest Reserve

The Noolook Forest Reserve is a vast forested area that spans 21,992 acres in South Australia, and whose proximity to Kingston SE attracts tourists all year round.

The reserve is also near the townships of Robe and Lucindale. Mount Benson located in this forest reserve offers visitors the option of bushwalking and hiking. This is also a popular activity amongst locals.

Noolook Forest Reserve Camping, Map & Address Wangolina, SA

The Noolook Forest Reserve also gives tourists a glimpse into the rich heritage of South East Australia. The forest reserve is home to heritage sites with European cultural influences, such as the former Noolook Bark Mill. This bark mill is one of the few remaining antiquities of what was once a flourishing wattle-bark industry. Tourists get to visit the office and residence of the bark mill to get a feel of what the mill was like in the late 19th century.

There are a number of bird hides where visitors can get to see some of the bird species that have found a home in the reserve. Picnic grounds available onsite also provide a serene location for picnic-lovers, provided visitors ensure that litter is not strewn all over the reserve once picnicking comes to an end.

Families visiting Noolook Forest Reserve can also engage in orienteering, an outdoor activity that entails navigation through unfamiliar terrain from one point to another using only a map and a compass. This activity is also ideal for those travelling in large groups.

Southern Ports Highway
Wangolina, South Australia

Opening Hours
24 hours

Phone Number
(08) 8724 2888

Email Address

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What is the Noolook Forest Reserve address?
Southern Ports Highway, Wangolina, South Australia
What are the Noolook Forest Reserve opening hours?
24 hours
How much are the Noolook Forest Reserve tickets?
What is the Noolook Forest Reserve phone number?
(08) 8724 2888
What is the Noolook Forest Reserve email address?