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Coonawarra After Dark Weekend

Coonawarra After Dark Weekend

Coonawarra After Dark Weekend is an annual event held in Penola with its host, Coonawarra Wineries, inviting visitors to get involved in the bounty grape harvest.

The Food and Drink event is held in April at the height of the grape harvesting season. This season, also referred to as the vintage season, continues to attract visitors from all over the world. The yearly grape stomp makes for a fun and exciting way to enjoy your evening while interacting with other visitors.

Coonawarra After Dark Weekend 2021 Event Dates & Wineries, Penola

During this event, visitors get to savour homemade treats with tantalising pizzas and other delicious meals made from local ingredients. The Coonawarra After Dark Weekend presents the perfect opportunity to dance away under the starry night sky and make beautiful memories. The famous Greek Banquet is a must-do for anyone who wants to enjoy the best food that the region has to offer.

What is a trip to such an amazing winery without taking a wine tour? Visitors have the chance to sample how the winery functions as well as get a glimpse of the day-to-day operations of Coonawarra wineries. Interacting with the winemakers gives visitors an insight into what it takes to create a beautiful bottle of wine.

The up-close experience with the grape harvesters as they go about their activities also offer an enthralling way to enjoy the event in the outdoors. After the harvest, it is only fair that visitors get to sample the products that are the result of the winemaker’s hard work.

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