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Beachport Market Day

Beachport Market Day

The quaint town of Beachport boasts a trendy shopping event known as the Beachport Market Day. Come here with your entire family to explore this charming seaside community of Beachport.

Whether you love to shop, eat or relax, the area of Beachport has everything you will need for a relaxing weekend away.

Beachport Market Day, 2024 Dates, Stalls, Times & Duck Race, SA

The Beachport Market Day boasts a variety of stalls featuring local produce, arts & crafts, jewellery, locally made items and fabrics.

You will also find a wide range of local produce on display for both tasting and sales. Be sure to try before you buy, and make sure that you get in early to grab a bargain.

Also, browse through the many stalls which sell locally grown herbs and spices. In addition, many stalls offer home-baked items such as pasties, sausage rolls, pickles, honey, jam and many other tasty treats. With so many things to see and buy, you will certainly love spending time at the Beachport Market.

Apart from the local produce and craft items, the Beachport Duck Race offers a range of amusement options for everyone. Visitors interested in participating in the Duck race can purchase a plastic duck at the market and enrol for the race in the afternoon.

This fun-filled event encourages families to join in on the fun, so bring your entire family.


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What time is the Beachport Market Day?
9am - 1pm

Beachport Duck Race held at the Pool of Siloam at 4pm

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