Paintball Mount Gambier

Paintball Mount Gambier

Visitors to Mt Gambier also have an opportunity to enjoy an array of man-made attractions apart from the town’s unique natural attractions including the crater lakes, sinkholes and the volcanic scenic points.

Though the outdoor fun, hiking trails, scenic drive and tours are always atop the attraction list of Mount Gambier, the town also offers a number of venues to enjoy some group fun such as paintball, laser games, skirmish adventure, go-kart and golf.

Paintball Mt Gambier, SA

In this wonderful natural paradise, you can plan for a day to enjoy some exhilarating activities with your family and friends. The Mount Gambier Paintball association offers a number of beautiful venues for paintball. Some of these sites include an array of indoor games along with a number of outdoor games.

Mount Gambier paintball fields also offer a number of sites for the guests to enjoy some fun-filled urban paint ball gaming. You and your group can plan for a strategic and awesome mission to get into the real paintball action with your opponents. You can shoot, play and also chase your opponents during this interactive game play sessions at various Mt Gambier paintball sites.

Mount Gambier paintball venues are amongst the list of top Australia’s premier paintball fields. Certain paintball venues also include the outdoor skirmish games with free equipment rentals and laser games as well.

For those planning for a corporate day out can plan for paintball and other activities at any of the Mt Gambier paintball sites. To enjoy a fun-filled day with your whole family and friends, guests can come here and indulge in a real skirmish adventure quest and paintball game to experience an ultimate adventure.

Mount Gambier Paintball Information

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Burrungule Rd, Burrungule

Phone: 08 8725 6493


All players pay an equipment hire and insurance cost of $20.00.
This price includes the cost of lunch if your group is over 20 players, if fewer than 20 players then lunch will be an extra $5.00 per person.

Paintball Prices:
20 Paintballs – $6
50 Paintballs – $12
100 Paintballs – $22
500 Paintballs/1 Bag of 500 – $90
1000 Pack/10 Bags of 100 – $200

2000 Packs
-Purple Box/4 Bags of 500 – $360
-Blue Box/20 Bags of 100 – $380

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