Centenary Tower

Centenary Tower

Whilst visiting the wonderful Mount Gambier region, you should take a walk up to Centenary Tower to get the most scenic and panoramic views of Mount Gambier and the coast.

The beautiful Centenary Tower is located 190 metres above sea level and provides the best views of the city, its beautiful countryside and the volcanic landscape.

Centenary Tower Mount Gambier, South Australia

This tower was opened to the public in 1904. Today, it is the most popular view point in Mount Gambier. Centenary Tower also has an extensive display of various photographs of the Lakes area which have been captured 1904.

The area of Mount Gambier is renowned for its natural beauty and the gorgeous coast. From the top of the Centenary Tower, tourists can see the spectacular Blue Lake, its valley and the surrounding craters. Other lakes that can also be seen from the top of the tower are the Little Blue Lake, Browne’s Lake, Valley Lake and the Dried Leg of Mutton Lake.

Apart from the lakes, you can also see the area’s abundant flora, lush green and breathtaking volcanic landscape. Centenary Tower is also used extensively by fire spotters during the hot summer season.

The tower entry requires a small admission fee. Guest amenities include souvenir shops, eateries with snacks, drinks and ice creams.

At night, the tower gets illuminated with colourful lights. The tower itself can be seen from various points in the city and its surrounding neighbourhood.

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  • Hello.

    Just wondering if you will be open on the 26th December 2015 and if we are able to climb the tower that day – if at all

    • Hi Isabella,

      The Centenary Tower is open to climb all day, so you will be able to climb to the top on Boxing Day.

      As for access to the tower, I cant seem to find any information about whether it will be manned by volunteers on Boxing Day. They are well known for stating that the tower is open “when the flag is flying”, however this seems to be dependent on when volunteers are available to man the tower and can be inconsistent with dates and times – particularly given the public holiday.

      The best way to get a direct answer would be to call the official provider on (08) 8723 9224 or 0438 239 224 who should be able to assist you.

      Hope you have a great Christmas and Boxing Day!

      Holiday Point